More jokes

July 5th, 2017

This joke is very very funny 😂 Why was 10 scared 😳 of seaven?Because 789(seaven ate nine)!He ha he.was that funny 😂.Well for me it was.Actually i haven’t introduced myself. My name is Felix.Felix the one ☝🏼 from the blog.just ahh I’m older.

About 2017 and my school

July 5th, 2017

Today is the 5th of June 2017.This  post is all going to be about 2017 and my school.My teacher is very nice.Her name is MissKurmann.She is the NICEST teacher in the whole world.When i was in room 4 I already knew how nice she was.She was very nice.I also have a friend called Finlay.He is nice and strong.He like’s to play soccer with:Barnaby,Tom,Oscar(who is mean to me),Lukas Strling and of course me.well not ALWAYS like them.I don’t always play soccer with them because in 2016 i did play soccer.I had a coach.They (the company)called us the Leapeds… but i could’ent be goaly.Thats why i don’ like soccer.Bye bye.See you in my blog! latter!Have a good day and time!

You know Felix as a baby the title is right.This is me when i’m older talking to you.well not really because you can’t see me or hear me.Right.Yeah because i’m the computer.Well not really the computer because i’m actually typing this ON my computer.Well were talking about computer’s.Just to say i am real.Like a real KID.I go to Matakana school.

Baby Time

May 2nd, 2017

I am just so very very cute In my videos. If you like me just write me a letter back so I know you like my blog. I am now going to tell you a very funny thing. I am a monkey!! I am a 🐒Because I eat a lot of 🍌S.i also clibm a lot of…..🌲S. Je suis un ou trois ou deux.that all means i was ethier one or three or two.BUT now I am really actually sept(seaven).

To anyone 

From the super 👍 star ⭐️ FELIX CULLEN.

Swim time at the Muriwai pool

September 26th, 2012

Dad took me to the local pool at Muriwai near where we live to try it out. It’s at a place called Only Fools and Horses. I didn’t see any horsies though so that was a shame. I had to wear a swimming cap which I thought was quite funny. Dad had to wear one too and he looked even sillier than me. I laughed at him for ages. The pool was a little cold so I latched onto dad like a limpet and then I just wanted to play on the steps. Dad said I was boring so I threw a floatie thingy at him. All in all it was fun though. Can’t wait to go back and have some swimming lessons there.

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