OK while I was in Aussie my dad went to the beach at Orewa last week for a surf on his new surfboard. These pictures are what happened to him so don’t take the kids in the water there. This happened to him last year too. There are some micro jelly bug thingys in the […]

I am back from Aussie now!!!

February 27th, 2011

I got back from the Golden Coast yesterday. Mum had to look after me all on her on on the plane on the way back and she said to dad that I was a handful…WHATEVER!!! I just wanted to crawl around on the spare seats we had. Man you think she would be all happy […]

Dad misses me

February 23rd, 2011

I can tell dad misses me. I will be home on Saturday though so won’t be too long. There was a massive earthquake in NZ while I am over here in Aussie. I am glad I missed it. I would probably have pooed my nappy. I have a whole bunch of videos and photos to […]

Blog site

February 19th, 2011

OK in an effort to get more traffic to my blog dad has signed me up with a website called http://www.kiwimummyblogs.co.nz which has a whoooooole bunch of blogs by mums about their experiences being mums. I figured that’s OK because I am a baby and they will talk lots about people like me. Anyway have […]

My new cousin is here!!!

February 16th, 2011

WOW my new cousin is here now!!! A little girl. I haven’t seen her yet but I think I am going to see her today. I bet she looks all small and wrinkly like me when I was born. Can’t wait to say hi to her. Mum is chomping at the bit to see her […]

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