Long time, no post!

April 21st, 2011

OK, OK I know I haven’t posted anything in almost a month but hats because dads had a lot on what with going to the bush to meditate for 10 days and now he has the easter show on where he has a big stall to promote his business. I went there and saw him today. It was rad. OOH OOH OOH I saw farm animals there today. There were these tiny little piggies snuffling away at their mums big fat belly. I thought that was funny. Anyway I went on a ride but got all cranky towards the end so mum had to get me off it. Umm lets see. What else have I been up to? Well I am nearly walking. I reckon in the next two weeks I will be up and off like a rocket. I am making more connections with things now too. I can wave when it is required. I can clap as well. That’s about it though. OK I will put up some photos and videos soon. Bye for now.

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2 Responses to “Long time, no post!”

  1. Margaret MauleNo Gravatar

    Hey, Felix!

    Tell your dad to get his finger out – you’ll have left home if he doesn’t update your blog soon! Anyone would think he had a life to live and a job to do!

  2. FelixNo Gravatar

    Hi Grandma!

    Yeah I know dad has been poos at posting for me. I think my mind control is all out of whack because my energy has been taken on other things like learning to walk. I will make sure he posts something soon.
    Love you. See you on skype soon. xox

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