Felix to Felicia

March 29th, 2011

OK this is what happens when mum takes me to hang out with my friend Ari. I come back looking like a girl all dressed up in girls clothes. Dad was miffed when I crawled in and he saw me. He was like all “What the blinking blazes?”. It’s only because I got my clothes wet when mum let me crawl around on the wet sandy beach. I reckon she did it on purpose just to see how I would look in pink. Dad says boys should NEVER wear pink. And he also says when you call it man salmon it’s just another name for pink. Anyway I didn’t really care that much about my girly outfit. It was quite comfortable.

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One Response to “Felix to Felicia”

  1. Margaret MauleNo Gravatar

    And I suppose your dad says that real men don’t eat quiche either! I think you look lovely, Felix that colour suits you! Not sure about the pants, though – I don’t think you can really get away with those (unless you are going to go into the acting profession …)

    Oh, and tell Kate that she’s quite right to keep her back to you whilst you perfect your technique of patting her head – it’s obviously safer that way!

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