Aussie is hot!!!

January 31st, 2011

OK I have come over to Aussie to hang out for a bit. Man it is hot here. I am crawling around in my nappy half the time. That’s quite liberating though so all good. My aunty put up a cool pool for me to play in which helps keep me cool. I went in it today with dad. He made the water level rise a bit though so next time I might ask him to stay out while I splash around in it. I have some new things that dad stuck on my arms to stop me sinking called arm bands. They are annoying to get on but I suppose they are for my own good so I tolerate them. Anyway dad is looking after me today while mum goes…wait for it…SHOPPING! Sure dad was happy to stay at the house while that was going on.
Feeling a little tired today as we are a few hours behind NZ time. I was up a bit in the night too so have probably missed a few hours sleep. Might go have a nap now and then lunch when I get up. Dad better have something good on the cards for lunch or I will give him and number threesy.
Will try and get some photos up when I have a chance.

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