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Xmas has come and gone | Felix's Blog

Xmas has come and gone

December 26th, 2010

OK xmas has come and gone. Today is boxing day which traditionally is the day they put away my favourite pressies…THE WRAPPING. Yip I got lots of pressies and my favourite of all was the wrapping paper whcih had been put into a plastic bag. I rolled around in that for ages and ignored all my other choice pressies.

Anyway today we went to a local beach down here near Waihola and I got all sandy when I rolled around in the sand and water. It was fun. I am napping now while dad types from my mind control sleep state. I have been sleeping for Africa in the afternoon these past few days.

I will write more when I wake up. Bye for now.

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One Response to “Xmas has come and gone”

  1. Margaret MauleNo Gravatar

    Wow, that’s impressive – you can control your Dad’s mind, even when you are asleep? You really are something special, young Felix! Perhaps you’ll whisper the secret to us when we see you next time.

    We loved watching you enjoying the big sack of paper wrappings – didn’t it make a lovely crunchy noise!

    Big kisses and hugs xxx

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