When do I get my new toys?

December 16th, 2010

OK mum and dad managed to sell their rental house so that means there will be some more money for them to buy me some bigger pressies. I would like to give you a list of the things I will require in the near future;

A new computer – preferably a Mac Pro with lots of storage and RAM so it is fully Mac’d out, get it…it’s a Mac and it will be Mac’d out

A new remote control car – preferably a bright red one with flames all down the side

A small horse of some kind

Two new paddling pools – one that is big enough just for me and then one that could fit me and about 10 of my friends

A bike – I know I can’t even walk yet but I am the kind of baby who just likes to have lots of stuff to look at

Another boy cat – Milo if feeling out numbered he told me

Some new cool clothes – I know that kids don’t normally like clothes as pressies but I am a baby not a kid so I would like some new threads, don’t want to be seen as the scruffy kid that wears the same stuff all the time.

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One Response to “When do I get my new toys?”

  1. HelenaNo Gravatar

    You better send your list into Santa then as Christmas is just around the corner after all!!

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