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Daddy Day Care postponed | Felix's Blog

Daddy Day Care postponed

September 3rd, 2010

Not sure if I mentioned this earlier but dad and Arianas dad, Beaver, were meant to have a Daddy Day Care session today but Beaver has to finish his homework, he is like 32 and going to school. So that means that their DDC session will have to wait until next week. I was looking forward to seeing Ariana again. She has moved on from rolling and started crawling about a week ago so she is next level to me. I am getting there though. Dads friend, The Scan Man, said that I should not worry as all of us babies develop at different rates but I am just like “Oh man a girl is beating me”. She is a week older than me though so she does have an advantage. Not to worry. Anyway mums gone off to Australia today and won’t be back till Monday. Dad was saying that we will watch lots of action movies and eat popcorn and stuff. Can’t wait!!

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2 Responses to “Daddy Day Care postponed”

  1. Cousin KateNo Gravatar

    You can have a visit from me too! I’m finished with the midwife so will come see you later!

  2. HelenaNo Gravatar

    Hi sweetie

    It’s Mum here over in Oz. Make sure Dad doean’t eat too much of that popcorn stuff and make himself sick. Alos, tell him you can only watch the ‘U’rated action films like Toy Story…

    I miss you loads already. I’ll be seeing you Aunty Tonia for dinner tonight.

    Sleep well.

    love Mum xx

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