OK I can feel it in my nappy!! I rolled over onto my tummy this morning and almost crawled but dad distracted me by telling me I am almost crawling. Next time he should just sit back and be quite while I make my moves. I was sitting here thinking what would be the first thing I would make a move towards and I thought the kitchen has got to be it. Tonnes of stuff in there to eat and play with and if I make a mess then it will give mum something to do. She is always going on about how little time she has but I don’t ever really see her doing anything. She should look at my world, up in the morning at 7am, nap an hour and a half later then up for about 2 more hours then another nap, then up for 2 or 3 more hours and then bedtime. I do dream a lot though so that can be considered doing stuff I suppose. Last night I dreamt that I went to my first play group and then when I got there and mum and dad left I realised Iwas naked I didn’t even have a nappy on! Shaaaaaaaaaaame.

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