On Friday my friends came over.There names are Gorgina and Freddie.They are 8 and 9.i am 7.We had lots of fun in my tree.We built lots of stuff up there.And then we got moss to throw at the parents.But apparently they left today so we couldn’t do it any more.I had to do it on my own. the end.

My day with Finlay

July 11th, 2017

On Tuesday the 11th i went to Finlays  house.Man My friend  Finlay is just nice nice nice.FINLAY FINLAY FINLAY FINLAY is the best friend i could ever have!He is,caring,magic,likes to play soccer, and most of all… … likes to play with me!Well not really.Just to say to get on to my blog you have t type this Capitol F(like that)and then the rest of my name.Which is ilx.then lower case b and you type blog.Then dot .(a full stop)then co then nz.there.Your at my blog.

I am good at using computers.Like i mean good.I am even good at i pods.At school we have i pods.Like i mean real i pods.Well i’m not that good at using i pods.

At my school were allowed to take books from the library.I’v got a favorite series.And that series is Dinosaur Rescue.I’v read 1 2 and nearly 3.Dinosaur rescue is the Dinosaur rescue is the best.Dinosaur rescue is the best.Dinosaur rescue is the best.Dinosaur rescue is the best.Man i love Dinosaur rescue

I have three favorite toys.There names are,Spots,george and snowy.I got george,then spots and n finally snowy.Spots is spoty .Thats why i called him spots.s,p,o,t,s s,p,o,t,s s,p,o,t,s and spots was his name-o.Spots wants to say something.“bye bye.See you at the blog!”

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