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My 8th lost tooth

December 29th, 2017

Just to say…Matakana   primary school sucks.(for me it dose)Ok.I have just lost my 8th tooth on the 27 of December.I got a rope for a christmas present and i bit on it and  i already had a wobley tooth… and then avantaly i had to pull it out.the end

Quench card up

September 13th, 2017

On may 16  my dad made me a buissons card and today’s the 17 of may.Hey.I can tell you some riddles and some jokes now.Here’s a riddle:Theres this man who dosn’t know how to say anything.One day he went to a house and lerant to say me me me and then he went to a butchar and learnt how to say knife and fork knife and fork knife and fork an then he went to a ice-cream shop and learnt how to say goodiggumdrops goodiggumdrops goodiggumdrops. Then he walkde into a police and the police said”Did you merdir this  guy?”And the other guy said “Me me me!”And then th epolice said”Okay.What did you merdir him with?”And the guy who was learning how to speak said’Knife and fork Knife and fork knife and fork.”And then the police said”Okay your going to jail”.And the other guy said”Goodiggumdrops!”

I’m going to sell lemonade

August 1st, 2017

I am going to sell some lemonade in the summer.In the winter i am going to make the lemonade.Don’t worry.it tastes  really good with ice.I made it with my mummy.It tasted really good.I am going to sell all the lemonade in Matakana hall.So see ya there… buy some lovely lemonade.It tastes really good with or without ice.   





























































On Friday my friends came over.There names are Gorgina and Freddie.They are 8 and 9.i am 7.We had lots of fun in my tree.We built lots of stuff up there.And then we got moss to throw at the parents.But apparently they left today so we couldn’t do it any more.I had to do it on my own. the end.

My day with Finlay

July 11th, 2017

On Tuesday the 11th i went to Finlays  house.Man My friend  Finlay is just nice nice nice.FINLAY FINLAY FINLAY FINLAY is the best friend i could ever have!He is,caring,magic,likes to play soccer, and most of all… … likes to play with me!Well not really.Just to say to get on to my blog you have t type this Capitol F(like that)and then the rest of my name.Which is ilx.then lower case b and you type blog.Then dot .(a full stop)then co then nz.there.Your at my blog.

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